Nexo Indicators

It appears to be clear that companies in general need to have access to several kinds of information in order to improve management, reach a reduction in costs and achieve a better control in Occupational Health and Safety at Work areas. For this purpose, Nexo CS made a tool denominated “Nexo Indicators”, a software resource that allows the use of business intelligence, what means that it provides a process of collecting, organizing, analysing and monitoring information about Occupacional Health and Safety at Work in your company.

Unifies user vision of Nexo Integrated Management incorporating indicators Nexo tool, enabling analysis and formulas from the data stored in a single database NEXO.

Allows extract current and relevant information from all information available. It provides Occupacional Health and Safety at Work Areas greater flexibility and support information in their decision-making process.

Avoids data redundancy, taking into account the analysis directly into the database without having to export to Excel spreadsheets. It also avoids the need of making parallel analysis with other tools.

Some Indicators of Occupacional Health and Safety at Work are preconfigurated

  • Retreats and absenteeism
  • Occurrences (Accidents / Incidents)
  • Attendance
  • Occupational / Medical Form
  • Complementary and Occupational Exams
  • Epidemiologic
  • Performed audiometry
  • Any other custom indicator you require.