NEXO CS obtém Certificação Integração (Oracle Validated Integration) com PeopleSoft HCM 9.2

NEXO CS obtém Certificação Integração (Oracle Validated Integration) com PeopleSoft HCM 9.2

Nexo Gestão Integrada (Nexo Integrated Management Software)—Software Specialized for the of Environment, Safety-at-Work, and Occupational Health Sectors

Company Overview

Nexo CS Informática is a software company in Brazil that develops systems that enable information management for companies in  Occupational Health and safety-at-work sectors.

Established in 1996, Nexo CS Informática launched its first software product Nexo Saúde Ocupacional in 1997. Its Nexo Gestão Integrada solution followed, and is now in its sixth version.

Nexo CS Informática has customers throughout Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Peru, and focuses on meeting its customers’ expectations and keeping them satisfied by offering the most advanced technological tools available.

Integration Overview

Nexo Gestão Integrada version 6.1 integrates with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Capital Management 9.2 to enable the management of information in occupational health and safety-at-work enterprises.

The purpose is to include and update information on PeopleSoft Human Capital Management applications and ensure the accessibility and accuracy of that information in Nexo Gestão Integrada, without any duplication of data entry. Each item of information will be handled by a single application through PeopleSoft Human Capital Management to Nexo Gestão Integrada.

The system allows information management of medical services and safety-at-work areas of companies. The health management includes modules such as occupational health control program, audiometry, absenteeism, ambulatory, and spirometry.

The safety-at-work management includes modules such as:

  • Program for the prevention of environmental risks—risk control
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Collective protection equipment (CPE)
  • Safety training
  • Occurrences (accidents/incidents)
  • Preliminary risk assessment (PRA)
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Various statistics and charts

Integration Details

The data will be provided for the following items of the integration below:

  • Company, establishments, departments, jobs, and positions
  • Employee assignments, personal data, and contract data
  • History data of position, establishments, departments, and jobs

Nexo Gestão Integrada provides a web service (Nexo Integração module) that receives data from PeopleSoft Human Capital Management via Oracle’s PeopleSoft Integration Broker and integrates the data with the business rules of Nexo Gestão Integrada.

Information to be integrated with PeopleSoft Human Capital Management will be used for the following processes:

  • Organizational structure that fulfills the needs of users for mapping risks and recommendation of medical exams, among other tasks
  • Registration of employees, providing updated information for the registration and control of medical care and occupational care
  • Transfers among position/location/departments/job or promotions the automatic association of risk as defined in the organizational structure
  • Automatic programming of medical exams as definition of user (date of admission, date of birth, or last exam)
  • Automatic generation of the history of legal reports that have been issued
  • Automatic transfer of records currently in the admission process (applicants, employees)


Nexo CS Informática Environment
Nexo Gestão Integrada Version 6.1
Oracle Database 11g
Oracle Environment
Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Capital Management 9.2
Oracle Database 11g
Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

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